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Melky Cabrera Heard He Tested Positive For PED, League Denies Rumor

The San Francisco Giants would really struggle without Melky Cabrera in their lineup each night. As the club prepared for their huge series with the Dodgers on Friday afternoon, Cabrera received a scare when he thought he had tested positive for performance enhancing drugs.

After some calling around to the league and his agent, it turns out the rumors are false.

Here is the latest from AT&T Park:

It doesn't sound like anything more will come from this, but it has to be concerning that Melky even thought a positive test was possible. For a guy who has made the incredible strides he's made the last 24 months, you can never quite be sure anymore in this day and age of baseball.

At the same time, everyone should be innocent until proven guilty and nothing more should be taken from the scare.

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