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AT&T Park To Host World Baseball Classic In 2013

The San Francisco Giants will host the World Baseball Classic at AT&T Park in 2013.

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It looks as if the jeweled ballpark next to McCovey Cove is finally going to get its turn hosting what amounts to the World Cup of Baseball. It's unclear where they'll end up in the rotation and if they'll get a chance to host the championship match, but it does appear like AT&T Park will be getting their chance to host WBC matches next season.

There have been two World Baseball Classics, each taking place over the span of three years. Both of the finals ended up in California; The 2006 World Baseball Classic final took place in San Diego and the 2009 WBC Final was in Los Angeles.This one will take place after a four year stretch.

The 2013 World Baseball Classic is slated to take place next March and will likely be split up over multiple sites all over the world. And it'll eventually find its way to AT&T Park for what figures to be multiple matchups.