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MLB Trade Rumors: Giants Looking Into Bullpen Help

The Giants could certainly benefit from adding a hitter or two before the July 31 trade deadline. While the club hasn't been involved in too many trade rumors up until this point -- honestly, there aren't a ton of hitters available as of right now -- one report suggested San Francisco will be looking to improve their bullpen.

Here is the latest:

As for Broxton, Giants fans are well aware of him after spending a few seasons with the rival Dodgers. Broxton has suffered from injuries in recent seasons, but he's finally healthy and dealing for the Royals. He has recorded 22 saves and posted an ERA of 2.34, which would definitely help the Giants as Santiago Casilla struggles.

Relievers are always a dime a dozen around the trade deadline, so it'll be interesting to see just how many players San Francisco acquires.

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