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2012 MLB All-Star Game: Giants Lead National League To 8-0 Win

Many folks around baseball were surprised when so many San Francisco Giants were voted into the 2012 MLB All-Star Game, but they all ended up playing a huge role for the National League. The NL got out to an early 5-0 lead on Tuesday night and never looked back, cruising to an 8-0 victory in front of thousands in Kansas City.

Pablo Sandoval delivered the big blow of the first inning. The slugging third baseman came up with two outs and the bases loaded; Sandoval dug out a curveball from Justin Verlander and hit it down the right field line, clearing the bases to score three runs. It was 4-0 at that point, and a Dan Uggla single then drove home Sandoval to make it 5-0.

With the score 6-0 in the fourth, Melky Cabrera came up and belted a two-run homer off Matt Harrison to make the score 8-0. As for Buster Posey, he went 0-for-2 and drew a walk.

Matt Cain made the start for the National League and surrendered just one hit. Oakland Athletics closer Ryan Cook worked a perfect frame in the seventh inning, striking out two in the process.

It was a great night for baseball, and now the NL's representative at the 2012 World Series will have home field advantage. Will that team be the Giants? We're about 80 games from finding out.

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