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MLB All-Star Game 2012: NL Wins 8-0

The San Francisco Giants mashed their way to an 8-0 victory over the American League in the All-Star Game. The rest of the National League representatives also made a slight showing.

The Giants chased after Justin Verlander in the first inning, with Melky Cabrera, Buster Posey, and Pablo Sandoval all scoring runs - highlighted by Sandoval's bases loaded triple. Sandoval proved his worth in his immense weight after criticism came involving him starting over David Wright. Cabrera, not content with playing second fiddle, added an exclamation mark of his own in the fourth inning with a two run home run off of Matt Harrison to stretch the lead to 8-0. That score would stay for the rest of the game. Matt Cain pitched two strong innings to open the game for the National League and quell the New Yorkers clamoring for R.A. Dickey.

The Oakland Athletics Ryan Cook probably had the best pitching performance of anyone in the game, only needing 11 pitches to get through the inning. He struck out both Bryce Harper and David Wright.

This is the third straight All-Star Game victory for the National League.

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