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2012 All Star Game: Ryan Cook Obliterates Opposition; NL Still Leads 8-0

The Oakland Athletics have just a lone representative in Ryan Cook this year. But the A's hard throwing reliever had probably the best pitching performance of the evening so far. Cook only needed 11 pitches, eight for strikes, to get through the top of the seventh inning. Bryce Harper went down on swinging strikes and David Wright was caught looking as the reliever did as much as he could to give the AL a chance to win,

Unfortunately, the AL offense hasn't pulled much of their weight. After threatening with a bases loaded situation in the fifth inning, Ian Kinsler flew out to end the threat. The AL then had two on with one out in the sixth inning until Miguel Cabrera ground into a double play to end that threat.

Unless things change, it looks likely that the National League will have the home field advantage come the World Series.

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