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2012 All Star Game: Cain Does What Good Starting Pitchers Do; NL Leads 5-0

Matt Cain proved his starting pitching worth, pitching two strong innings giving up one hit and recording one strike-out. Cain was replaced by Gio Gonzalez in the top of the third inning.

The game quieted down a bit for three innings until Melky Cabrera ripped a two run home run off of Matt Harrison to increase the lead to 8-0 in the fourth inning, following a Matt Holliday RBI. The other Giants quieted off a bit though, with Buster Posey flying out to the catcher in the third inning and Pablo Sandoval flying out to center at the start of the fourth.

The Giants collectively after four innings: 3-6, four ones, one triple, one home run, five RBIs, and one walk.

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