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Matt Cain Most Underrated MLB Pitcher According To Baseball Players

Matt Cain doesn't seem to win a lot of baseball games, which is why you probably don't instantly recognize him when you start talking about San Francisco Giants baseball. Cain generally falls in the limelight behind Tim Lincecum when you talk Giants pitching.

However, with Lincecum struggling, Cain has flourished as San Francisco's most consistent pitcher. Cain has a 3.31 career ERA and has posted sub-3 ERAs in three of his past four years in San Francisco. This season has arguably been his best performance, as he's now 7-2 on the season and posted around a 2.7-2.8 ERA.

So it makes sense that MLB players would rank Cain the most underrated pitcher in baseball according to Sports Illustrated. Do you agree with this poll?

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