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This Lady Friggin' Loves Chips

Look, we've all been there. You're eating a delicious bag of chips and you get down to the sweet, sweet leavings. The mixture of crumbs/salt/cheese powder/Funyons shakin's/whatever. The stuff you can't easily pick up or dig out. So you're left with no recourse: you gotta drink the rest of that stuff out of the bag/can/sock/whatever. No shame here, dude. Let the person who was not brushed Cheetos dust off their chest-shelf at 2:00 a.m. cast the first stone. The only thing is: you gotta make sure you don't get caught on camera when you're drinking your chips.

On Friday night at AT&T Park, during a game between the San Francisco Giants and the Chicago Cubs, a foul ball went down the first-base line and bounced out of play. That's fine. But a camera happened to follow the ball and linger on the crowd just long enough to capture something amazing happening in the bottom-third of the frame. The director in the truck knew exactly what he was witnessing and he ordered his cameraman to reframe and zoom in.

Let us salute this woman, who is in the very front row at a baseball game, near a site of recent action, unashamedly engaging in that most universal of embarrassing acts: chips-drinking.


via @gidget

The truly amazing thing about this -- besides everything -- is that those don't appear to be leavings in that bag of what I initially took to be Doritos, but upon closer examination is possibly a bag of Cracker Jack. It appears to be a container that is at least half-full of food, but there she is, feed-bagging it with everything she's got. She even appears to nearly suffer a reversal at the end, just before her friend locks eyes with the guy POINTING THE ENORMOUS CAMERA AT THEM.

God bless you, mystery chips-drinking woman. You are brave enough to give our universal shame the light of day. What's more, you do it for us -- for all of us -- when it is not at all necessary for you to do so. We owe you a debt on this day, madam. May your legendary GIFfery live on, so that we may feel slightly less shame the next time we accidentally tip up the bag of Kettle Chips a few bites too early and get salt and pepper crumbs all down our shirts.

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