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Matt Cain Perfect Game: Game Memorabilia Sent To Cooperstown

Fans of the San Francisco Giants will forever cherish the memories of Matt Cain's incredible perfect game Wednesday night with their own thoughts, trinkets, and 'where were you when' stories. But now fans can take part in the enjoyment in Cain's historic event as memorabilia from the game will be on display on the club level at AT&T Park, while some items are being sent to Cooperstown to be in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Per CSN Bay Area's Rael Enteen:

The Giants sent Cain's hat and cleats from Major League Baseball's 22nd perfect game to the Hall of Fame, which long-time equipment manager Mike Murphy said was hard for Cain to do.

Murphy told Cain, "You'll be enshrined in the Hall of Fame for the rest of your life," when the right-hander hesitated to give up the same gear he's been using all season.

Cain decided to keep his uniform and a dozen baseballs from his outing, according to Murphy, and both the pitching rubber and home plate will be on display at AT&T Park for fans to view on the club level as soon as the next homestand.

Murphy said that the ball Gregor Blanco caught to preserve perfection, which the speedy outfielder wrote in his blog that he'd like back, was put back in play. Blanco said that he also didn't know what happened to it, but was planning on asking Cain to sign another game-used ball for his collection.

The Giants are amongst the best teams in baseball in remembering and preserving their history. Obviously Cain's feat will be no different.

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