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San Francisco Giants Jetpack Fan At AT&T Park [ANIMATED]

You know it's been a pretty remarkable baseball game when this guy is only the second most remarkable thing that happened today. Find out more about this important guy not named Matt Cain after the jump.


Who is this guy? Why is he so cool? How is he only the second coolest guy at this game because his name isn't Matt Cain? Was he present at all perfect games and we just didn't notice? What and how is he doing all this?

Honestly, I'm not sure if I'd rather be Matt Cain or this guy. WHERE CAN WE GET THAT SUIT? Could you imagine a million of us with this thing? I'd feel like a perfect game wearing that.

Talk about Giants jetpack fan (or possible San Francisco crackpot) over at McCovey Chronicles.

Check out the SB Nation MLB YouTube channel below and see if you'd be willing to subscribe to the videos.