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2012 U.S. Open: Matt Cain Hits Golf Ball Into McCovey Cove [VIDEO]

You might not know this about San Francisco Giants pitcher and now perfect game elite Matt Cain, but he's also a gifted golfer as well. Cain took a swing with other Giants players with U.S. Open golfer Dustin Johnson in this pregame performance. After the jump, you can see him before his historic night stroking golf balls into the Bay.


So you figure that after pitching a perfect game, Cain is clearly going to head down to the US Olympic Country Club in San Francisco, win the U.S. Open this weekend, then come back and pitch sometime next week and end up with a two-hitter or something.

And don't think he can't; that stroke looks pure! Who knows, he might start taking a golf swing before every outing at this point.

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