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Matt Cain Perfect Game Video Highlights: The Final Out

There was so much joy during the last moments of the Matt Cain perfect game that it's probably best for you to review them in all one place. The incredible throw by Joaquin Arias set off a chain reaction of emotions that continue to reverberate through the San Francisco night.

Check out the final out, and the instantaneous joy that results from about everyone.


Here's Cain's reaction throughout the final out, including the epic fist-pump.


The clubhouse reacts to the final out.


The overhead shot!



Here's Cain congratulating Gregor Blanco after the game for that diving catch. We're going to talk about the incredible Blanco catch for later. It just deserved its own moment.


Here's Cain at the end, soaking it in. If you don't get all warm and tingly inside seeing this, I don't know what will.


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Check out the SB Nation MLB YouTube channel below and see if you'd be willing to subscribe to the videos.