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Melky Cabrera Appears Healthy, Returns To San Francisco Giants Lineup

The San Francisco Giants have been without their most productive hitter the last few days, but it looks like outfielder Melky Cabrera's bad hamstring is finally healthy. Cabrera, who is hitting .364 this season, has not played since June 7 and the team has struggled to consistently score without him. According to this latest tweet from Alex Pavlovic, Melky is feeling fine.

Cabrera will bat third on Tuesday night against the Houston Astros, right in front of Buster Posey. Angel Pagan is out just to get some rest and is expected to return on Wednesday.

First pitch from AT&T Park will be at 7:15 this evening. Head on out to the ballpark or watch on CSN Bay Area to see Melky's return to the lineup.

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