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Should The Giants Pursue Kevin Youkilis?

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With the news that the Boston Red Sox are definitely shopping veteran third baseman Kevin Youkilis, the Boston Globe's Nick Cafardo is suggesting the San Francisco Giants as a possible landing spot, along with their NL West rival Dodgers and Diamondbacks.

Could this really happen? Should it?

Pablo Sandoval is inching closer to his return from hand surgery to remove his other broken hamate bone, meaning that the Giants woes at third base are certainly drawing near a close. Still, looking at the backup infielders currently on their roster, Youkilis would be a upgrade offensively to say Emmanuel Burriss or Joaquin Arias, but I'm not sure where else you could stick him aside from third base, the Giants outfield is already crowded and there's no way he's getting starts over Pablo when he returns.

There is also the issue of Freddy Sanchez, if and when he ever comes back, because he could return as a third baseman if his shoulder won't allow him the range and strength to make those off-balance second baseman throws. Then what do you do?

Youk is set to make $12 million this year, meaning Boston would have to eat a large portion of that salary for him to come out West, and likely wouldn't get much in return aside from prospects, which Boston rarely do anything with but trade away again anyway.

The fact that others in the division could snag him could be a bit of a concern, though his .250 average and .724 OPS doesn't exactly leave the Giants shaking in their boots if he goes to the Dodgers or D-backs.

If the money lines up and the Giants don't have to give too much, a veteran like Youkilis could prove some value on the diamond and in the batters box, but I wouldn't hold my breath on this one.

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