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Giants Vs. Dodgers Score: Tony Gwynn Jr. Triple Leads L.A. Over Tim Linceum, San Francisco

The San Francisco Giants dropped their series to the Los Angeles Dodgers after falling Wednesday night 6-2. The Giants took an early 2-0 lead and looked like they were in good shape to stay ahead with Tim Lincecum at the mound. The Dodgers put up a four-run fourth inning to go ahead and stay ahead and win two out of three.

LIncecum pitched five innings, struck out eight, but gave up eight hits. Lincecum also batted in an RBI early and Buster Posey added a RBI. Juan Uribe singled in a run and Tony Gwynn Jr. tripled in three runs to go up 4-2. The Dodgers put up 13 hits to nine for the Giants.

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