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Freddy Sanchez Injury Update: Is Third Base In Freddy's Future?

The San Francisco Giants have been missing Freddy Sanchez since last summer as he continues to grind along in his rehabilitation from shoulder surgery. And with Pablo Sandoval missing a month or so more, the Giants are looking at creative ways to get the 2006 NL batting champion back in the Giants lineup.

Via the San Jose Mercury News' Alex Pavlovic on Twitter:

Those seven innings were in a extended training camp game, and according to Andrew Baggarly, made only one throw that Bruce Bochy deemed 'ok.' There is no time table for another rehab assignment at this point.

I don't know how much you can glean from all this but it seems like this is a bit of an emergency move to try and get him back, especially seeing that he's already missed a significant chunk of this season already. If second base isn't going to work in the short term, I'd say he'd be a better replacement for Pablo that Conor Gilaspie.

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