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Guillermo Mota Suspended 100 Games For Using PEDs

San Francisco Giants pitcher Guillermo Mota was suspended 100 games for using Clenbuterol, a banned substance.

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Guillermo Mota is down to his last shot to play clean. The San Francisco Giants will be the ones paying for his mistake. Mota was caught for the second time using an MLB banned substance and will now be facing a 100 game suspension for using Clenbuterol, a PED.

Under MLB rules in 2005, you are suspended 50 games for your first offense, 100 games for your second offense, then banned from the sport the third time around. Mota has reached strike two.

Mota is generally a middle relief pitcher who comes in and tries and bridge the gap when a pitcher malfunctions. The Giants bullpen is getting thinner and thinner, which will force Bruce Bochy to rely more on his starters and farm bullpen pitchers. Mota's ERA had climbed over five this season in his nine appearances and ten innings pitched; he pitched a much more respectable 3.81 ERA in 80 innings pitched.

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