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Questions Abound For Aubrey Huff, Freddy Sanchez

Even after their feel-good win on Sunday afternoon against the Milwaukee Brewers, the San Francisco Giants are still a team riddle with issues. Two of their biggest riddles at moment are Aubrey Huff and Freddy Sanchez, and just what (and where) they can contribute to the lineup.

Obviously two veteran bats in a lineup currently loaded with Fresno's finest would be an upgrade, but they have to be productive, and of course healthy. But these two 2010 World Series stalwart's are currently giving up many more questions than answers.

One person who would like an answer soon is CSN Bay Area's Ray Ratto who feels that both men may be losing

Both Sanchez and Huff are problematic, because both Sanchez' shoulder and Huff's panic attacks have been hard to pinpoint, let alone control. Huff's post-World Series experience has been largely poor, between the constant demands for Brandon Belt, the dissatisfaction from the home folks, and the expectations he never knew in his years among baseball's seedier underbelly.

And Sanchez is rapidly becoming a hologram of the good old days as well, to the point where one wonders if he can ever play second base again.

Ratto goes on to suggest Sanchez possibly playing some third base if he can, which certainly wouldn't be a permanent fix with Pablo Sandoval back in 4-6 weeks or so. Nevertheless his continual cycle of setbacks with his shoulder when it comes to making throws is highly concerning.

As for Huff, it will be interesting how they handle him in the lineup, especially if someone like Gregor Blanco keeps playing well. Would Bochy put a struggling Huff in the lineup over a hot Blanco (or dare say Brandon Belt)? I could certainly see it happening.

I don't know the answers to these two Giant questions, though we could have some semblance of an answer on Huff, as he could see some playing time against the Dodgers. As for Sanchez, it's still anyone's guess.

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