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Fantasy Baseball 2012: Pablo Sandoval Injury Means Trouble For Giants, Fantasy Owners

The San Francisco Giants were dealt a tough blow on Thursday afternoon, losing star third baseman Pablo Sandoval for 4-6 weeks. Not only will it be tough for the Giants to overcome the loss, but it will also be rough on Sandoval's Fantasy Baseball owners, too. Should you be looking around the market for the next month to find a replacement third baseman, you really won't find much out of San Francisco.

24-year-old prospect Conor Gillaspie has been called up from Triple-A Fresno to likely be the starting 3B most nights. He put up big numbers (.362/.417/.521) in the first month of the Minor League season, although he has never hit for much power. He also lacks speed, meaning he will not provide potential owners with any stolen bases.

Considering that Gillaspie won't do much more than get on-base at a decent rate, he really isn't a legitimate option for your fantasy team unless it is an extremely deep or NL-only league.

The other possible options for manager Bruce Bochy would be Joaquin Arias or Emmanuel Burriss, neither of which are fantasy baseball options unless you are somehow blood related to either. And even then, you still probably shouldn't have them on your team.

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