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Giants Vs. Cardinals, Starting Lineup: Brandon Crawford Batting Second

(Insert snarky Brandon Crawford comment here)

Yes folks, it's true. Brandon Crawford will bat second this afternoon for the San Francisco Giants. It has come to that. Skipper Bruce Bochy is hoping the change of scenery will do Crawford some good, who is 4-19 (.211) over his last seven days, including one double and three runs scored.

Brandon Belt will get the nod at first base, batting sixth, while Gregor Blanco continues his role as the leadoff hitter pushing Angel Pagan down to fifth in the order. Emmanuel Burriss gets the start at 3B as Joaquin Arias is still out with a wrist contusion. Buster Posey will catch Matt Cain, while Melky Cabrera returns to the lineup after getting some time off yesterday with a toe issue.

Your San Francisco Giants:

Gregor Blanco RF
Brandon Crawford SS
Melky Cabrera LF
Buster Posey C
Angel Pagan CF
Brandon Belt 1B
Emmanuel Burriss 3B
Charlie Culberson 2B
Matt Cain P

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