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VIDEO: Tim Lincecum Talks Pressure, Performance After Loss To Rockies

A slump, a funk, whatever you want to call it, Tim Lincecum has not been getting the results he and the San Francisco Giants would like out of the two-time Cy Young winner so for this season. Despite being solid for the majority of his outings, he can't get past that one bad inning that eventually sinks him and his teammates.

A visibly dejected Lincecum answered questions in front of his locker after the game, taking the blame for his performance. Timmy noted that historically he's been known to get out of rough innings in the past, but couldn't seem to get it done last night, or many outings this year at all for that matter.

The Giants defense hasn't done him any favors either, committing 12 of their 40 errors this season in games that Lincecum has started, including a inning-extending missed pop-up by Emmanuel Burriss at third base and an outfield whiff on a liner by Angel Pagan. Nevertheless, Lincecum is going to keep grinding, doing what he can control to get out of his recession. Maybe the boys behind him can step their game up as well.

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