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Buster Posey Makes Successful Return To Baseball, Feels Comfortable On Opening Day

The San Francisco Giants are not going to win many games in 2012 without a healthy and productive Buster Posey behind the plate. The young catcher went down last season to a gruesome ankle injury and has spent most of the last 10 months recovering and rehabbing from surgery. It was no coincidence that the Giants offensive production made a turn for the worst once they lost Posey.

Now, with all eyes on him as he made his return to baseball, Posey looked and felt like his old self on Friday against the Diamondbacks.

Assuming this trend continues, Giants fans should have a lot to get excited about in the coming months.

Not only does he provide San Francisco with an impact bat in the middle of the batting order, but he also brings familiarity and stability for the pitching staff. The pitchers love working with Posey and he calls a great game despite not having a ton of Major League experience.

CSN Bay Area caught up with Posey after the game. He was incredibly optimistic.

"I felt normal," said Posey, uttering three words that will give hope to any Giants fan.


It might be a little optimistic to say the injury is behind Posey. He's been warned by the training staff to expect bouts of soreness all year long. There will be times when he will need a break; it's likely he will start at first base on Monday in Colorado, for instance.

But for now, Posey is thrilled with where he's at.

"It's been continuing to improve," he said. "The more I'm out there, the less I think about it. I tried my best in the spring to simulate what the intensity level would feel like. I'm really happy with where I am."

Keeping the young catcher healthy for 2012 will be a huge assignment for the training staff. He is going to need some time off, and sometimes it may be best to hold him out of the game even if he feels pretty good. Risking further serious injury for one game just isn't worth it for such a talented player.

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