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Freddy Sanchez Injury: Giants 2B Goes 1-For-3 In Rehab Debut

Freddy Sanchez is well on his way to returning to the lineup, though the San Francisco Giants are not rushing him, mapping out an 18-day rehab assignment with the San Jose Giants before bringing him back on their target date of May 11, when the team plays the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Sanchez got his rehab assignment started on Monday, following a setback that pushed it back once again. He was the designated hitter for San Jose and went 1-for-3 in that role. It wasn't the greatest start, but at least Sanchez was able to make contact. It's great to see him actually playing baseball again, as he's been totally inactive since major shoulder surgery last August.

Sanchez told Comcast SportsNet "Words can't describe how much I want to get back up there."

And he's definitely needed at this point. Any time you see Aubrey Huff at second base (and then rush to cover first base while he's supposed to be on second), you're in trouble. Right now, the Giants don't have much at second, while they have four or five guys they're comfortable with at first. Emmanuel Burriss is holding down the fort much better than previously anticipated, but he's no Freddy Sanchez.