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Freddy Sanchez Aiming To Debut On May 11

Freddy Sanchez has been out since midway through last season, when he dislocated his shoulder on June 10 and had season-ending surgery a few months later. Sanchez has been recovering that shoulder since that point, and he wasn't quite ready to get back into action when the season started.

It appears Sanchez might be getting ready to come back now. Andrew Baggarly of CSN Bay Area filed this report.

Giants manager Bruce Bochy said the club has mapped out an 18-day schedule for Sanchez’s minor league rehab assignment, which begins Monday night for Single-A San Jose. Sanchez, who had surgery in August to stabilize his dislocated right shoulder, needs to get regular at-bats in addition to strengthening his shoulder.

He’s expected to DH for a few days before he plays second base.

Sanchez really needs to get back in the lineup, particularly if he can replicate his production as a starting second baseman. Emmanuel Burriss is hitting .294 as Sanchez's replacement, but he has no extra base hits and has relied mainly on singles. Sanchez can provide more diversified pop.

Sanchez's first rehab assignment is tonight as a DH for San Jose at 7:00 p.m.

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