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Brandon Belt & Brandon Crawford Have A Blog

Even though they are busy professional baseball players, San Francisco Giants teammates Brandon Belt and Brandon Crawford have a blog, Brandon and Brandon, chronicling what it's like to be in MLB from a first hand, player's point of view. Mr. Belt had the latest honors to post, scribbling down some thoughts on the Giants epic win five days ago against the Philadelphia Phillies and ace Cliff Lee.

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Here's a nice excerpt from the Baby Giraffe:

Cliff Lee was, thankfully, finally out of the game after ten innings. I was facing Armando Bastardo. All I thought about was putting the ball in play. Just keep it simple. Forget everything that's happened before. I was looking for a fastball, but he gave me a slider and fortunately I was able to stay with it just enough to put it in play for single up the middle.

When I reached second on an error and Melky came to the plate, I was thinking: Whatever happens, be aggressive. Get home however you can.

As soon as I saw the ball come off the bat, I took off. I was probably overly aggressive right there but I trusted my instincts.

When I'm rounding third, I take a look at the fielder to see if I'm going to have to slide. I saw the ball in the air and I'm thinking - get to the plate as fast as you can and get down.

When I crossed that plate - it was one of the greatest feelings. You're happy for the win but you're really happy for Matt. He had fought so hard out there that you just wanted to do it for him. And I couldn't be happier for Melky, who's been winning games for us all season. He had a great at-bat and he came through for us again.

And I have to tell you there's nothing better than a dog pile. It does something for you as a player and as a team. Pulls you closer together maybe. I don't know for sure. But there's a carryover. I can feel it today. Everyone's still smiling.

Obviously these guys don't have a lot of time to blog about their lives, but when they do it's a nice taste of the thoughts and feelings of someone who's actually on the field, not watching from the stands or their couch at home. Hopefully there are many more anecdotes from these guys throughout the summer.

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