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ANIMATED: Sad Mets Fan Cannot Even Believe What Is Happening

The San Francisco Giants suffered a tough-luck loss against the New York Mets on Saturday afternoon at Citi Field. The game was truly bizarre. The Giants clung to a one-run lead, then kept failing to score (those parts are totally normal), then blew a terrific Ryan Vogelsong start, then looked about to lose, then scored two runs to tie the game on a pop fly that the center fielder overran. And then Aubrey Huff played second base. It was a tough loss for the Giants in the end, but really not that tough, considering the Mets nearly Metsed themselves into letting the Giants Mets away with a win. But there was, at the very least, one phenomenally great thing to come out of the game.

In the top of the ninth inning, the Mets allowed the Giants to score the aforementioned tying runs on a pop fly, full-count bloop by Brandon Belt. The ball really, really should have been caught by center fielder Kirk Nieuwenhuis, who is filling in for the injured Andres Torres and is also a word I try to play in Scrabble after I've drawn seven vowels in a row.

The Mets fans roundly booed their team following that top of the first, as well they should. When the Mets were finally able to get the game to head to the bottom of the ninth, the CSN cameras caught some shots of an exceedingly forlorn Mets fan, and it was fantastic. The wonderful Sara Showalter was kind enough to GIF this lovely, cinematic push-in on one man's misery.


via @gidget

You can almost see the bottom lip begin to quiver. God only knows the river of anguish that lies in the eyes behind those shades. Giants fans know it all too well. Speaking just for myself, that's the look I wore during most baseball games from 1985-2010. And then again from 2011-present. But seeing that look on the face of an opposing team's fan? Delicious. Every time.

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