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Giants Vs. Rockies, Starting Lineups: Brandon Belt Sits, Nate Schierholtz Starts

With the terrible news that Buster Posey has come down with shingles, the San Francisco Giants are hoping this is not the start of another injury-plagued season.

But the show must go on, now with Hector Sanchez catching Tim Lincecum this evening, batting fifth. Angel Pagan moves back to the leadoff spot while Aubrey Huff gets another day at first base and in the clean up spot. Nate Schierholtz gets the start right field ad Brandon Belt will get another day off.

San Francisco Giants Lineup:

1. Angel Pagan CF
2. Melky Cabrera LF
3. Pablo Sandoval 3B
4. Aubrey Huff 1B
5. Hector Sanchez C
6. Nate Schierholtz RF
7. Brandon Crawford SS
8. Emmanuel Burriss 2B
9. Tim Lincecum P

Colorado Rockies Lineup:

1. Marco Scutaro 2B
2. Dexter Fowler CF
3. Carlos Gonzalez LF
4. Troy Tulowitzki SS
5. Todd Helton 1B
6. Michael Cuddyer RF
7. Ramon Hernandez C
8. Chris Nelson 3B
9. Jeremy Guthrie P

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