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Giants Spring Training 2012: Madison Bumgarner Continues Strong Spring In 5-2 Victory Over Padres [VIDEO]

When you look at all the talented arms in San Francisco Giants camp this spring, it's even more impressive to see the youngster of the bunch performing arguably the best of them all. That, of course, is LHP Madison Bumgarner.

Bumgarner shined in his three innings of work on Wednesday against the San Diego Padres, giving up no runs and only two hits along with five strikeouts and a walk. It seems that the 22 year old has carried over his great second half of 2011 when he went 9-4 with a 2.52 ERA and a .239 BAA after the All-Star break.

Here Bumgarner discussing his outing after the game, and how his spring has been going in general:

After watching Tim Lincecum get shelled for five earned runs in two innings against the Milwaukee Brewers Wednesday, it was nice to see Bumgarner remaining consistent who has a 9/1 BB/K ratio along with only a single earned run in 5.2 innings pitched thus far. Of course it's only the spring and the regular season is a horse of a different color, but hopefully his success continues well into the fall this year.

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