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Giants Spring Training: Buster Posey Runs Bases, Could DH Friday

Buster Posey took another big step in his road to returning to the San Francisco Giants, taking some time on Tuesday to run some bases on a back field at the team's Scottsdale Stadium Training Facilities, according to CSN Bay Area's Andrew Baggarly.

Posey told reporters that he ran about "65-70 percent" making sure not to push his surgically repaired ankle too much. He practiced some first-to-third and second-to-home scenarios out on the base paths, though he had been running curves but not the sharp angles needed to run the bases for a week or so.

"There was definitely a significant improvement today from then," he said. "It's how my rehab has gone. When I challenge it to do more things, it progressively gets better and better each time I do it."

Buster is expected to do some more base running on Wednesday, and could see some action as a DH as soon as Friday. Obviously the team will reamin cautious with Buster, but things really are looking better every day.

"I'm happy I've been able to do baseball activities. We knew from the time I was injured (May 25) that bases would be the last thing to come. We've been lucky everything has gone as smoothly as it has."

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