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Giants Srping Training 2012: Brandon Belt Is Ready For The Show [VIDEO]

One of the most popular players amongst the fanbase of the San Francisco Giants remains to be Brandon Belt, but the the team has continually struggled to find a place for him in the lineup with Aubrey Huff and Buster Posey likely splitting time at first and a crowded outfield for the Black and Orange as well.

Belt pushed his spring batting average to .407 after his pair of doubles Thursday night against the Rangers, but a 2011 of yo-yoing between San Francisco and Fresno earned him only a .225 average in 63 game for the Giants. Basically, no one really knows if he will or won't make the Opening Day roster at this point. Mike Fontenot's departure certainly helps, but guys like Hector Sanchez and Gregor Blanco are also pushing to take a roster spot, possibly leaving Belt out to dry once more.

"My personal opinion? If you want to reach a certain level, you have to play at that level," Belt said. "If I need to get better against big league pitching, I need to face big league pitching."

Obviously, Belt feels he is ready, though the Giants may hold some reservations. Hitting coach Hensley Muelens has been working with Belt on his hitting mechanics to have more consistency at the major league level, as he tends to want to move up a bit in the box which he's grown more comfortable with. Belt's fielding certainly isn't in question as he explains to CSN Bay Area, and is fully confident in his glove wherever the Giants use him. He also has some interesting comments on his time in the Dominican League and his goals for this season.

Hopefully the Giants can find room for him come Opening Day, it would certainly be a shame to have a talent like him not given the chance to show he's ready for the Show.

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