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San Francisco Giants Unveil Greatest Ballpark Dessert In History [PHOTO]

The San Francisco Giants and AT&T Park are known for having some of the best ballpark food in the nation. Sure, you can get your typical hot dog, peanuts and ice cold beverage, but it's the specialties like lobster rolls and brisket that make a fan's dining experience something to remember.

While the selection near McCovey Cove has always been strong, the Giants are taking it to a completely different level with the latest dessert sandwich they unveiled this week. It's pretty awesome, and you're going to get a craving just looking at it.

We have some photos after the jump...

Here is one photo of the gooey concoction:


Here are a few more photos, courtesy of Yum.

It looks like a glorified s'mores, complete with huge marshmallows, milk chocolate and graham crackers, and then some kind of sweet bread to hold it all together. The stomach ache should come anytime from two-to-four hours afterwards.

No word on the cost, but I'm guessing somewhere in the area of $6 bucks or so. Honestly, you could make it at home for a dollar or two, but what's the fun in that? This is ballpark food at its finest!

Will you be getting one of these when you visit AT&T Park this year? Opening Day is a week away!