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San Francisco Giants Looking To Deal Ryan Theriot, Mike Fontenot, According To Report

The San Francisco Giants are looking to deal either of their utility infielders, according to a report from Jayson Stark and MLB Trade Rumors. Freddy Sanchez and Brandon Crawford figure to be the primary starters at second base and shortstop, meaning both Theriot and Fontenot will serve as nothing more than backup middle infielders. With both set to earn around $1 million dollars this season, it makes sense for San Francisco to shop them to other teams.

There may be an issue for general manager Brian Sabean: neither of those two are particularly good at baseball these days. Both are pretty average defensively, and neither has done much with the bat for years. They could potentially serve as middle infield depth, but most teams either already have that or can find it for cheaper at this point in the season.

The article mentions the Phillies could be a suitor, which makes sense given the injuries to Chase Utley and Michael Martinez. The Braves are also mentioned, which seems unlikely given they already have Jack Wilson and Drew Sutton projected to make the 25-man roster as utility guys.

It's tough to see the Giants getting much of anything other than a bit of salary relief for either Theriot or Fontenot, but a deal is certainly possible given the need around the league for capable backup infielders.

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