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San Francisco Giants Media Day 2012: News and Notes on Matt Cain, Tim Lincecum, Pablo Sandoval and More

San Francisco Giants Media Day took place this Friday on the eve of FanFast 2012, and there were some news of note from beat writers Hank Schulman and Andrew Baggarly:

Schulman reports that from speaking with both Bruce Bochy and Pablo Sandoval himself that Pablo isn't in the shape that he was in last winter, with differentiating reports saying gains of 10 to 25 pounds. Much of that may be muscle by Boch noted "He's got a few pounds to work out before spring training."

Speaking of weight, Tim Lincecum lost 20 pounds during the offseason after gaining mass last season for 'durability.' Obviously he didn't like it and is back to his 'fighting' weight around 175 lbs. He allegedly got upwards of 197 lbs. this offseason. Baggarly reports that Timmy's two-year deal is where he and the team "found the most common ground," and expects conversations down the line to possibly buy out his free agent years.

As for Matt Cain and his contract talks, Cain played in close to the chest, making sure not to tip his hand one way or another:

"We've talked ... and it's a process," Cain said. "We'll see what's going to happen. We're definitely here for this year."

Talks of a hometown discount have swirled about, but Cain is also aware of the millions of extra dollars that could await him in free agency. Still, Cain wants to be with a winner and feels the Giants are determined to be one:

"I've been with the Giants for 10 years," he said. "And they've always been motivated to put a winning team on the field. The main philosophy is, `Let's put a good starting rotation and pitching staff together.' In my mind, that's true."

As for the lineup, Bochy noted that he will do some tinkering down in Scottsdale but Melky Cabrera could likely be there leadoff hitter with Angel Pagan batting third and Pablo fifth. Either Cabrera of Pagan could fit the bill at the leadoff spot, and expects both to start in the outfield with Nate Schierholtz the third, playing a corner spot.

Brian Wilson backed off his lifting routines and is doing more baseball activities and cardio/flexibility exercises, dropping about 10 lbs. to around 195 lbs.

Brian Sabean noted Barry Zito's fifth spot in the rotation is his to lose, and that Aubrey Huff and Brandon Belt will compete for playing time without incumbency. Huff's reportedly been doing lots of Pilates and no drinking down in Arizona to get into shape enough to play the outfield if need be, and hopefully improve on his poor performance from 2011.

Finally, Brett Pill was supposed to play in the Mexican winter league this offseason, but had a stress fracture in his hip that kept him to R&R for most of the winter. He is reportedly good to go now.

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