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San Francisco Giants FanFest 2012 Tips and Tricks

If any of you Black and Orange faithful went to FanFest at AT&T Park last year, you know that it is a lot more than just a meet a greet with some players. It's an all out turf war, with every fan fighting for their own spot for breathing room in the park. Last year's World Series hangover was still in full effect, and th crowds shouldn't be as gnarly as they were last year, but if you are planning on going to FanFest on Saturday from 8 am- 3 pm, here are some things you should know.

The team has opened up more area in the outfield and upper levels to spread the crowds out more this year, which should help avoid a gate-closing situation like they had last year, but be prepared for a lot of Giants fans there. A lot.

Single-game tickets go on sale at the box office, but unless you want to spend you whole afternoon in line, don't buy tickets here. That is what the internet is for people, and you'll have to wait in a big line to get Timmy's autograph anyway, might as well take one waiting game out of the equation.

Oh, about those autographs, I'd set your sights on getting one or maybe two, it will take all day trying to get more than that. Lots of cuter children than you or yours will be in line as well, all after the same thing. Barry Zito's signature on a baseball.

There are lots of places to grab a seat and take it all in, the weather is supposed to be nice, so bring out the kids and have a ball. There's KNBR interviews to listen to around home plate, interactive zones for children, the Giants highlight theatre, and more. Plus, some semblance of baseball returns to AT&T Park; can't really complain about that too much. Plus, plus, FanFest is free. Booyah.

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