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Giants Spring Training: Buster Posey Talks Rehab, Pitching Staff Progression [VIDEO]

Everyone has been so worried about how San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey has been healing up this spring, having a proverbial 'Buster watch' constantly with how he is progressing. As for Buster himself, he's worried about getting back to doing his job, which is working with his pitching staff to make everyone better.

Buster took some time to speak with the media after practice on Wednesday at the team's Scottsdale Stadium facilites, touching on a number of subjects including how he feels Madison Bumgarner has been doing this spring, what Brian Wilson means to the club, and of course, where he is in the rehab process, which he claims he has already gotten past:

Only a few more days until the Cactus League schedule kicks in and it will certainly be a treat seeing No. 28 take the field once again for the Black and Orange.

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