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Freddy Sanchez Injury: San Francisco Giants Second Baseman Back Flares

San Francisco Giants second baseman Freddy Sanchez was performing at a solid clip last season before he got injured last year and couldn't come back.

Although it's early, this is a bit of a worrying sign. Sanchez says his back is causing him problems.

If the back heals up, Sanchez is in pretty good shape in general to make a splash if he returns. Alex Pavolvic of the Bay Area News Group reports that almost everything else seems to be a go, particularly the shoulder that sidelined him last season.

Sanchez is a quality second baseman who really needs to be on the field as much as possible if the Giants offense is to be maximally efficient. The Giants struggled at the plate last year once Sanchez went down, leaving them absolutely reliant on their pitching to win baseball games, and that won't be enough to help them get their second World Series in three years.

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