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Giants Spring Training: Buster Posey Practices At First, Pablo Sandoval Crushes In BP

As the full squad of San Francisco Giants took to the field for the first time this spring at Scottsdale Stadium Friday, Pablo Sandoval and Buster Posey stole the show, showcasing skills that haven't been seen lately from either of them at the plate and in the field.

Pablo struggled from the right side of the plate down the stretch last season, dealing with a tender shoulder that robbed him of much of his power from that side. He was quick to squash any concerns of that this season though, hitting towering homers into the desert sky from both sides of the plate, much to the delight of the 200 or so fans in attendance.

Sandoval told CSN Bay Area's Andrew Bagarly on Twitter that the Lasik surgery he had during the offseason helps him 'to see rotation on the ball' more clearly and that his shoulder is 'powerful, no pain.'

As for Buster, he was busy with infield drills at first base along with Aubrey Huff, Brandon Belt, and Brett Pill. Skipper Bruce Bochy said he wanted Buster to focus on catching early in camp, but getting the reps for him to feel comfortable at first is important as well. Something to keep an eye on moving forward in camp.

Brandon Crawford had a nice showing in BP as well, while newcomers Melky Cabrera and Angel Pagan looked fit and ready to go. Bochy noted that he'd like to have Pagan leadoff and play center, with Melky in left and Nate Schierholtz in right.

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