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San Francisco Giants Spring Training 2012: News & Notes From Day Three In Scottsdale

CSN Bay Area's resident San Francisco Giants insider Andrew Baggarly with some extra news and notes from the third day of Spring Training at the team's Scottsdale Stadium facilities:

Along with Pablo Sandoval newly acquired outfielder Angel Pagan and rehabbing second baseman Freddy Sanchez arrived a bit early to camp on Tuesday. Sanchez lives in Arizona and has been in Scottsdale most of the offseason working on agility drills, hitting and some throwing as he tries to get back into game shap.

Sanchez still hasn't taken infield practice, other some grounders as his throwing is still limited to just playing light catch. His reconstructed shoulder still isn't completely ready to attempt any off balance or across the body throws. Skipper Bruce Bochy hadn't decided what Sanchez will take part in during the team's first full-squad practice on Friday.

Baggarly expects Sanchez to DH during the first week of Cactus league action at the very least.

Buster Posey returned to full activities after taking it easy on Monday, catching Barry Zito and Jeremy Affeldt off the mound. All the catchers practiced swipe tags as well as the team doesn't want Posey or any other catcher to block the plate, attempting to ingrain the swipe tag into their repertoires.

Lastly, Ryan Vogelsong was back in camp Tuesday after a bit of 24-hour sickness came over him. He'll still be out at least another week with his sore back though.

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