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San Francisco Giants Spring Training: Pablo Sandoval Arrives Early, Not Worried About Weight Issues [VIDEO]

Last spring San Francisco Giants third baseman was the talk of Spring Training after dedicating himself to a rigid workout regimin that left his around 40 pounds lighter entering camp then when he finished the 2010 season on the bench.

No a full year removed, Pablo remained diligent in his offseason workouts this winter as well, and arrived to the Giants' Scottsdale Stadium training facility a few days early, eager to get back to work. Here he tells CSN Bay Area's Jaymee Sire about how he feels heading into camp this year:

CSN's Andrew Baggarly spoke with Ethan Banning, head trainer at Triple Threat Performance in Tempe, where Pablo has been doing his offseason work the last few winters now, and had nothing but great thing's to say about what Pablo's done. Twice a day for six days a week Pablo has been working his tail off, even more so heading into camp according to Banning, and will be more than ready physically when the rest of the squad arrives on Thursday.

Now it's time to get the baseball juices flowing again for Kung Fu Panda.

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