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San Francisco Giants Spring Training 2012: Ryan Vogelsong Strains Back, Out 7-10 Days

After the injury-plagued 2011 campaign for the San Francisco Giants, the last thing they want tot hear on the second day of training camp is that they have an injury. But, thanks to CSN Bay Area's Andrew Baggarly, starting pitcher Ryan Vogelsong will miss some time down in Scottsdale thanks to a strained back revealed by an MRI on Sunday morning:

Per Andrew Baggarly on Twitter:

Now that isn't a significant injury but an injury none the less, meaning Vogelsong will have to play catch up in the early part of spring training, hopefully not missing toom mich action in his absence. Vogey wasn't all too concernedabout the injury though:

"It's just to make sure that once we get going there are no more setbacks," Vogelsong said. "(We'll) make sure that it's fully healed, and when I'm out there I'm there to stay."

Vogelsong led the Giants starting rotation in 2011 with a 2.71 ERA, a 13-7 record, and his first All-Star appearance after beginning the season in AAA Fresno.

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