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Matt Cain Extension: Giants' Workhorse Would Like Deal Done By End Of Spring Training

Matt Cain and the rest of the San Francicso Giants pitchers and catchers reported to their Scottsdale Stadium complex on Saturday to get down to business for the 2012 season.

Cain was asked about his possible free agency at the end of the year, telling CSN Bay Area's Andrew Baggarly that he'd like to have the situation resolved by the end of the Spring to avoid distraction during the season, and that there remains a lot of mutual interest to get it done:

"We'd all like something resolved by the end of spring training," a relaxed Cain said after reporting to Scottsdale Stadium on Saturday. "I don't think either side wants that to linger into the season."

Baggarly also noted that Cain looked a bit slimmer, trying out new things to help keep up his All-Star performance throughout the long haul of the season:

"In September and October, I want to feel as fresh as I can," Cain said. "I want to keep finding out ways to get better."

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