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Aubrey Huff Talks 2011 Troubles, Plans For 2012 Turnaround [VIDEO]

After his rally thong-wearing, home run banging 2010 campaign that led the San Francisco Giants to their first World Series victory since moving West, first baseman Aubrey Huff had an abismal 2011 season that saw his numbers decline immensely, and his confidence at the plat slide even more.

But thanks to a new dedication during the offseason and an increased workout routine including Pilates, the fun loving Huff is ready to get back to business in 2012, and get back to his 2010 form that made him a fan favorite and a World Series Champion as well.

CSN Bay Area got a chance to catch up with Huff recently, and spoke with him about his thought on 2011 and of course 2012:

Huff and Brandon Belt will be competing for the starting spot at first base this Spring, hopefully Huff will be back to his fighting weight to take his spot back form the youngster.

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