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ESPN's Keith Law's Sees Clayton Blackburn As Sleeper Prospect in Giants Organization

Within every MLB organization there lies a sleeping giant within, an out of the spotlight prospect that seemingly comes out of nowhere with unabashed success. ESPN's Keith Law sees RHP Clayton Blackburn as that guy for the San Francisco Giants.

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Here is Law's take on Blackburn:

Right-hander Clayton Blackburn's pro debut made him look like one of the steals of the 2012 draft, as he allowed just six runs in 33 1/3 innings in the rookie-level Arizona League. Signed by Giants area scout (and former big leaguer) Dan Murray in the 16th round, Blackburn would touch 94-95 mph, sitting in the low 90s, with good feel for locating the pitch, and both his curveball and changeup project as above-average pitches.

Any more pitchers the Giants can throw in their quiver, more power to them. Is this Madison Bumgarner 2.0? Too early to tell, But keep an eye on this kid, he may be moving on up the ranks much sooner than later.

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