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San Francisco Giants Offseason Updates: Freddy Sanchez, Buster Posey

According to's Chris Haft, San Francisco Giants second baseman Freddy Sanchez is making progress in his rehab of his dislocated right shoulder as he began hitting from a tee but still is struggling with throwing with about a month or so away from the start of spring training.

Hitting hasn't been the biggest issue, the throwing has, though he recently increased his toss length to about 75-80 feet, planning to ramp up his workouts now from three to five days a week. Nevertheless, Freddy is confident in where he is at right now:

"Obviously you want it to go easier," said Sanchez, "you still want to hurry up and rush things. But having gone through it, I know that I'm a lot further than I was last year or the year before."

As for Buster Posey, the Giants tweeted earlier on Wednesday this update about the third-year backstop:

Everyone is getting ready for a big 2012.

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