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Giants' Gary Brown, Francisco Peguero Crack MLB's Top 100 Prospects List

Major League Baseball has recently released their top 100 prospects list for 2012, and the San Francisco Giants found two of their possible outfielders of the future amongst them in minor leaguers Gary Brown and Francisco Peguero.

Brown, 23 comes in ranked 48th on the list this year, and is pretty much seen as a four, almost five tool guy, with emphasis on defense and speed.

Andy Skeels, Brown's manager at high Class-A San Jose last season had this to say about the young up and comer:

"This guy's a true shutdown center fielder," Skeels said. "One thing that he does better than anybody I've ever seen in center field is charge the ball and get rid of it in a hurry. And it's not just getting it back into the infield. This kid can throw. He throws head-high darts, and right on the bag. He's incredibly accurate. He's a true weapon defensively, and especially throwing the ball. There aren't a whole lot of center fielders who have that ability."

He also batted .336 with 14 HR, 80 RBI, 34 doubles, and a whopping 53 stolen bases last season as well.

As for Peguero, also 23, has already been invited to Spring Training twice, owning a .312 average over six minor league seasons and is starting to look more and more ready for the Show. He comes in 98th on this list, but is also seen to have what it takes to make it in the bigs, likely starting in AAA Fresno this year.

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