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AT&T Park Leading The Way In Green Sporting Venues

Protecting the environment isn't just an idea in the Bay Area, it's a way of life. That goes for everyone, including the San Francisco Giants. In a recent article from Four Green Steps, they celebrated the incredible sustainability of AT&T Park as well as the Giants staff as well.

Make the jump to see why AT&T Park and the Giants truly are the champions of sustainable sporting venues.

  • AT&T Park is certified by the LEED EBO&M (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Existing Buildings, Operations and Maintenance), which authenticates the ballpark's strategy to protect the environment, while motivates organizers to continue their green ways.
  • Some concession stands have been retrofitted with energy-efficient appliances; from the fryers and pop machines to lights and signage. They also use biodegradable and recyclable paints and cups, all-in-all saving enough energy for around 110 tons of garlic fries (enough for about approx. 275 games).
  • The 590 solar panels installed save about 360,000 pounds of greenhouse gases from being released in the atmosphere, while saving an additional 71,000 kilowatt hours worth of energy through various energy-saving lighting options. That's enough to power 25 homes for one year. Oh yeah, and the scoreboard replaced in 2007 is 78% more energy-efficient than the previous one.
  • New irrigation helps the team use 33 - 50% less water than before, while using a certain the composition of clay and sand on the infield helps reduce watering by upwards of 33%.
  • AT&T is also the most transit friendly ballpark in the country, while upwards of half of the guests travel to the park by public means. They also have a bicycle valet so you can ride to the game as well.
  • The Park also has a 'Green Team' to help patrons correctly recycle and compost.

AT&T should motivate other clubs to follow in their footsteps, because they aren't only saving the future, they're saving money as well.

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