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Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain Contract Update: Talks Ongoing With San Francisco Giants

With exactly less than a month before the start of Spring Training, the San Francisco Giants continue their contract discussions with both Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain, though each have their own unique perspective on their contract situations.

According to CBS Sports’ Jon Heyman, Timmy decline a five-year $100 million dollar proposal from the Giants, only to retort with a tens of millions more.

With things they way they are now, a two-year deal seems the most likely. Lincecum request of a record $21.5 million in arbitration, which the Giants countered with a record breaker of their own, $17 million. That would put Timmy in the low $40 million range for a two-year deal if they two sides can avoid arbitration, which runs Feb 1-21 in St. Petersburg Florida.

With Timmy likely keeping his free agent years without a long term contract, Heyman notes that he could break the contract record books if he performs like he did since he’s entered the league:

Industry experts suggest that if Lincecum could put together two more years like his first four that two years from now as a free agent he could possibly become the game’s first $200-million pitcher.

As for Cain, Heyman believes he is much more likely to take another team-friendly deal to stay with the Black and Orange, staying under the $20 million a year earmark for a long-term contract. Obviously Cain is out for the stability and consistency he’s had with the team that brought him up, while Timmy seems content to offer his services to whomever the highest bidder might be.

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