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San Francisco Giants 2012 Uniforms: Giants Bringing 80's Throwback Jerseys Back

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Remember the Giants back in the day with Robby Thompson, Will the Thrill, and ever Kruk and Kuip rocking the Black and Orange? Well now you can relive some of the good-old-days as the team will reportedly bring back an updated version of 1980's road jersey for the upcoming season. Now I have to hit the road for some more away games this season...



This fashion statement will make the Giants the only current MLB team to have two separate grey jerseys worn regularly, and the first since the 2006-2008 Texas Rangers wore a sleeveless grey alternate for select road games (gross).

San Francisco began using the "SF" on the left breast with black piping back in 1983 season to replace the orange road jersey they used for six seasons. The giants won a few division championships with these jerseys, including the 1989 NL Championship. The jersey was put to rest after the 1993 season, one you may recall the Giants winning 103 games but still missed the playoffs.

If you're really excited about these jerseys (like I am), you can purchase yourself one at Majestic Athletic, just make sure you have a pretty penny or two when you go to checkout, they start at $230.99 (buy me one too).

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