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Tim Lincecum Contract: No Discussions With Giants Since December, Likely Headed To Arbitration

The San Francisco Giants and representatives for two-time Cy Young Award winner Tim Lincecum haven't spoken since December at the Winter meetings according to the San jose Mercury News' Andrew Baggarly, and are more than likely heading to arbitration to try and keep Timmy in Black and Orange for the long term.

Rick Thurman, Timmy's agent, told Baggarly via text message that he is 'just preparing his arbitration brief,' which is set to take place one week from today as both sides exchange terms on what they feel is a fair deal for Lincecum moving forward.

Team vice president Bobby Evans:

"With Lincecum, my expectations is there will always be discussions until there's a deal," Evans said. "There is never anything less than maximum effort on both sides to come to terms in as timely a fashion as reasonably possible. Whether it results in (an arbitration) hearing or not, you can't always control. You do the best you can to find common ground, I remain optimistic we will."

According to Baggs the Giants would like to get Timmy under a four-year deal, taking him through arbitration, as well as buy out his first two seasons of free agency. Lincecum would like either a one- or two-year deal, keeping his opens option for the future, or a proposed eight-year deal that the club has wanted no part of.

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